About Us

Each of our writers has more than 20 years of experience in journalism, copywriting and publishing.

The Dovercourt Team


Debbie Lawes

Debbie has worked as a journalist and editor for 25 years. As a co-founder of Dovercourt Editorial Services, she has written extensively for several science-based departments and agencies including the Networks of Centres of Excellence, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the Canada Foundation for Innovation. Debbie is also Consulting Editor to RE$EARCH MONEY, a newsletter reporting on science and technology funding and public policy. Until 2010, she was publisher of Tech Media Reports, a business-to-business newsletter company focusing on regulatory, public policy and technology issues related to the telecommunications, broadcasting and digital media sectors. Prior to founding Dovercourt Editorial Services in 2001, Debbie was Publisher and Managing Editor at Decima Publishing and Managing Editor at Evert Communications.


Mark Henderson

Mark has written extensively on research policy and funding issues for nearly 20 years. As the Editor of Canada’s leading science policy publication, RE$EARCH MONEY, he has interviewed hundreds of industry executives, senior government officials, research managers and other leaders in Canada’s science and technology community. Mark has worked as a journalist and editor for several publications over the past 30 years, including Network Letter, Report on Wireless, Canadian Communications Reports, The Electronics Communicator and The Ottawa Citizen.


Peter McKinnon

After nearly two decades in current-affairs television as producer, director and reporter with programs such as The Journal, Canada AM and Sunday Edition, Peter began to write full-time in 2000. Adept in the full range of promotional genres – videos, websites, speeches, annual reports, articles and advertisements – he maintains clients in both the private and public sectors thanks to his ability to manage people and meet deadlines with grace, good humour, professionalism and aplomb.